Bruce Tereo/Theriault BIO

Bruce Tereo (Theriault) grew up with a few hand-me downs from his older brother. One of which was a flat top six-string Cameo guitar. At 9 years old Bruce didn't have much interest in playing the guitar, so he took a quarter and scrapped off the original finish, sanded it down and then painted it bright red! Maybe that was an early sign that Bruce liked to put his own twist on things. That guitar never made it very far, but Bruce has!


Due to divorced parents and his father's USMC statues and job transfers, Bruce moved a lot! By the time Bruce was twelve, he had lived in ten different places. At the age of eighteen he had lived in four different states, attended three different High Schools, and was well on his way to developing a traveling bone. You can hear it in a few of his songs as they take you down highways and dirt roads, East to West, North to South, and eventually bringing you home.


With money he got from selling his Yamaha MX125 dirt bike, Bruce bought his first "real" guitar at the age of 16. While playing the guitar, but not singing yet, Bruce added a harmonica strap around his neck and began to jam out some riffs on the harmonica. Neil Young and Bob Dylan songs came easy, but Bruce was more interested in the blues style of play. Playing the guitar and harmonica at the same time took some coordination but when he got it, he got it! He is one of the most gifted harmonica players to ever perform on a stage.


Bruce learned to sing, in his early twenties from jamming around a campfire at "The Farm". He was rather shy about his vocals, but eventually let 'em loose. In 1985 he got an invite to play at a local coffee house for tips and free beer. Bruce took that offer, learning a bunch of old country songs mixed with some blues, and performed there about once or twice a month. This lead to more gigs in the area, one of which wanted much less country music. This prompted Bruce to learn a variety of seventies songs, mixed together with what he already new, creating his CountyRockin'Blues style.


Bruce Tereo performed part time while working in the graphic arts field from 1985-1996. In January of 1997 Bruce took on the roll of a full-time musician. One thing seemed to lead to another doing weekly gigs, monthly gigs and eventually yearly gigs that Bruce still does today. The variety of music Bruce plays allows him to stay busy. Whether it's a rockin' nightclub, a lakeside tiki bar or a luncheon with the seniors, he's got the right songs for the occasion.


Bruce formed the group BridgeWater in the year 2000. The concept of BridgeWater has morphed into a variety act with some of the most gifted singers and musicians in the area, sitting in with Bruce. Each member of the group, including Bruce, has their own agenda and gigs, so when they do get together it's always something special.


Releasing his debut album, "Two Roads Up Ahead", in 2010, Bruce Tereo has claimed songwriter statues. And now with his follow up album, "Findin' Out Somethin'…You Ain't Supposed To Know", released on 11/11/11, it's the rest of over twenty years of song writing. His songs are very enjoyable and get right to the point. They will have you tapping your toes or maybe slow dancing around the kitchen. Either way, it's all good!


With Bruce Tereo's original songs now coming to life, and his unique versions and arrangments of cover tunes, makes his live shows extremily enjoyable! If he is ever in your area, go for it. Turn up the Tereo!