Along with playing music, I love to paint and create murals. I can't express how rewarding and full-filling it is when this imagination of mine can run wild. I've gained a very colorful background from previous jobs in advertising, graphic arts, photography, and the sign business. Color, balance, angles and seems the path I've been on has lead me to here. Call me...lets talk!


I really enjoyed painting this castle room mural that covers all the walls, doors and the ceiling! It is over 950sq.ft. The link below shows the room in 3D with a matterport camera capturing all the angles and detail as you scroll through the room. Click on certain spots and it will place you there in the room. Please check it out!



 Flower Fence - Gilmer Estates sub-division...Anderson, SC. 2017


Big Bike - Pendleton, SC   2014


Happy Fourth-of-July Picnic tables  2017



Three different jobs   2015   ...Go Tigers!


Caldwell Used Cars 1985 Chevrolet truck hood  2017


Real-D Window collage  2013    ...craziness!


The image below is of my "gig rack". I'm kind-of stuck between names when it come to art. I use the 'TEREO' spelling for my music business and then try to use the 'THERIAULT' spelling for most of my art work.   ...and then there's BREW STEREO!  2015