"Whether Bruce Tereo is using an acoustic, electric, or an open-tuned slide guitar, along with harmonica and vocals, this multi-talented singer/songwriter has a gift.  His arrangements and style are clever, unique and one-of-a-kind. Mixing cover-tunes along with his originals, Bruce uses multiple guitars with a loop station, programed from a sequencer that produces background tracks and then jams out on harmonica and guitar. It's outragous! This is way more than a 'One Man Band'. This is pure awesome".

"I love how Bruce mixes it up. Something fast, something slow…always something different and exciting. Personally, I think his versions are better than the originals and his originals maybe better than that"! 

"Bruce is the best harp player I've ever heard and I am honored to jam with Bruce anytime, anywhere. He's got some great tunes and uses great musicianship to put em' right there in your lap. Great job".

"I think he's just wonderful and talented".